The Way I See It

The undeniable truth.

We are creatures with an insatiable desire to consume information. We walk around aimlessly looking down at our phones until we bump into other people looking down at their phones.  

A lot of people can write. But can they communicate?

Translating ideas into words may be the most complicated thing we do. Part of the problem is our brain likes to see pictures and hear sounds. Even right now, there is a little voice inside your head explaining to your brain what you are reading.

Let me tell you a story.

I bet that headline caught your attention, because your brain loves stories. Scientists say story telling triggers chemical responses that lead to specific behaviors and actions. Every organization or business has stories to tell non-stop. The challenge is telling those stories in a compelling, memorable way.

All good corporate stories need one essential element.

Your best stories are human ones. Whether it's a new idea, a new product, or a new employee benefit, your message has a better chance of hitting its mark when you allow readers to visualize themselves as active participants within the story.  Or when customers and colleagues help deliver the message through their own experiences.

Everyone deserves to be heard.

Stories can come in all sizes, but good stories share a few common things—a strong, persuasive message, a clear point of view, human interaction, and a common, intuitive perspective that encourages conversation with your audiences. Everyone deserves to be heard. Let me help you make that happen.

Mike Sockol

Chief Creative Officer

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Corporate Guy

I have been a senior communications strategist for more than three decades, helping Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and top agencies tell their stories to global audiences. In the process, I have delivered a wide range of editorial works, including digital content, video scripts, blog posts, news releases, training programs, and executive speeches.


Scenes from my play, "Bris."

I have been a storyteller all my life—as a journalist, speechwriter, community activist, actor, and playwright. Many of my plays have been produced in the New York City area, and one received a Perry Award from the New Jersey Association of Community Theaters for best original work. A native New Englander, I now live in Holmdel, New Jersey, and belong to the Dramatists Guild. You can find most of my plays on the New Play Exchange.   

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I’m an adjunct instructor at New York University, teaching graduate classes in strategic communications and public relations writing. I’ve also created professional development courses around story-telling and presentation skills in a corporate setting. And I have served on my town’s school board for over eight years.

A short list of services

Executive Communications

I work directly with senior executives to help them craft their messages and select the right channels for their communications, both within an organization and outside of it.

Internal Communications

With two decades of experience managing internal communications campaigns, I can develop appropriate content to support transformation initiatives or generate greater awareness of corporate messaging and strategy.

Blog Posts

Blogs offer a personal vehicle to start a dialogue with your audiences or share your expertise with the world. I'll help you keep your content fresh, interesting, and memorable across a variety of digital and social media.

News Releases and Articles

Got a story about a new product or initiative that's dying to be heard? I can help you get the world out through crafted articles or press releases and align them with popular print, digital, and social media channels. 

Video Scripts

Videos can seize your audience's attention and keep it there. I'll work closely with you to translate your messages into a compelling visual story. In addition to script writing, I can also provide voiceover narration. 

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Commissioned Works & Copywriting

My plays are available to theater companies looking to produce original works. I also write commissioned scripts or copywriting to meet any production company or agency's specific needs.  

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My professional and theatrical resumes offer good insight into my past and current activities. A portfolio of my past work is available upon request.

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